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Our ambition is to build the ultimate General Directory covering all traditional topics.

We operate a Fremium Business Model – meaning that the majority of our memberships joins up for FREE, but with a view to paying seedcorn fees for more prominent exposure on the search base and well as display advertising for the highest impact ad campaign.

Address & Location Search
  • Contact details and opening times listings search
  • Telephone number
  • Bricks and mortar address
Social Media Links Search
  • Add Social Media pages such as Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus/ [if you have them] - it helps you to be found and builds a better picture about your listing
  • Add the URL for each of these
  • Insert your Youtube video [if you have one]
Images Gallery & Slide Shows
  • add up to x10 separate images of again 980px x 380px for a cool slide show
  • Upload a video for high impact presentations
  • Add your logo and a biography of your services
Multiple Branch locations Search?
  • Feel free to add one or all your separate locations - it builds a wider, more cogent representation for you and stronger Catalogue position. Your fellow B2B prospecting members & our visitors can zero in on your services with better geographical targeting.
  • This way you can ally with your immediate competitors offering a neat price and service comparison - allowing you to differentiate your offerings based on metrics which suits your specialisms.