The-search-site.com – was established in 1999 and went live early 2000. Using a variety of Open Directory based scripts we have enjoyed mixed success which culminated in a membership during mid 2012 of 3 million members [those who submitted sites with us in various forms].

We have recently had something of an experimental period testing out several scripts to drive and manage the back end directory database – in search for efficiency, processing power, scalability and in the end usability.

Hopefully, our latest incarnation will be our last –  since it is made for multi platform delivery and is scalable on a dizzying ascendancy.

Today we proudly work with a wide range of professional marketers and digital promotional companies to end – user entrepreneurs, business owners and executive large scale line managers.

We are a small Team of specialists having honed our skills in managing high quality search bases of:

  • Amateurs
  • Self employed specialists
  • start-ups,
  • small local businesses,
  • to Medium sized mittelstand companies –
  • large scale global brands.
  • web and digital marketing specialists

Our test-measure-adapt approach works best with startup-minded companies. But don’t worry about outgrowing us. We’ve handled marketing companies with $100 million marketing budgets and websites with millions of visitors.

Our ambition is to build the ultimate General Directory covering all traditional topics. We operate a Fremium Business Model – meaning that the majority of our memberships joins up for FREE, but with a view to paying seedcorn fees for more prominent exposure on the search base and well as display advertising for the highest impact ad campaign.


Our fast growing catalogue of Listers is exclusive and we do our best to hand select the best and not based on flashy look and feel. We belive that quality emanates from several key areas:

  • Service explanation
  • navigability
  • White Hat transparency
  • qualitative content presentation
  • contactability
  • service provisions
  • bricks and mortar presence
  • goods/services/social conscious/ promotion/explanation

If we can get 5 – 10 similar offerers within a 40 mile radius or within a discipline – then that’s just fine by us. Unless you have multi-locations.