Crescent PPG Lining - Bhopal

Crescent PPG Lining - Bhopal

In industries like chemical, thermal power plants refineries due to excessive use of acid and heat some specially designed container, coating and insulating linings products are widely used. Acid Resistant Lining Manufacturers are the makers of such items one of them is crescent ppg lining pvt. ltd.

This manufacturing unit is getting very popular among clients.
products like Acid Proof Bricks, Acid Resistant Tiles FRP Duct etc.are some very commonly used products.


  •  FRP Lining (to protect the vessel / structure from the erosion)
  •  Pipe jointing from 50 MM to 630 MM, with complete hydro testing and installation.
  •  PPFRP and FRP Duct fabrication and installation at site.
  •  Installations of Vessels, Pipeline, Pumps, etc. in the Industries or at offset project.
  •  FRP Motor Protection Guard.


Country IN
State Madhya Pradesh
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Contact Address:

F-1, Shivani Complex,
Vidhya Vihar, Opp. Barkatullah University

Bhopal (M.P.) - 462026

Contact Telephone: +91 755 6170215
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Address Bhopal
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+91 755 6170215
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India - International
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