payasUgym/com - pay as you go gym passes

payasUgym/com - pay as you go gym passes

Payasugym is making it easier and cheaper for Britain to go to the gym
Jamie Ward and Neil Harmsworth thought of the idea for payasUgym while training for a sporting event in late 2009. When the pair attempted to visit a gym they found it impossible to easily find one where they could simply buy a pass and turn up.

After thinking about this issue further, they decided that they wanted to make it easier and cheaper for people to go to the gym. They felt that if they could successfully do this then many more people would start using the gym as a result. By the time the sporting event came around they had agreed to become business partners and decided to quit their jobs to make payasUgym a reality.

payasUgym is making it cheaper and easier for the people of Britain to get fit and go to the gym. Currently working alongside over 1,200 gyms, payasUgym allows customers to purchase discounted gym passes throughout the country in order to help increase the number of people that go to the gym.

payasUgym is growing fast and Jamie, Neil and the team continue to work tirelessly to increase the flexibility of gym use, finding new and innovate ways to save you money on your fitness regime.


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Sandcroft Avenue Limited, 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John St, EC1V 4P

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Address 2nd Floor, 145-157 St John St, EC1V 4P
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