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March 24, 2014 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Web Listing Types


Please select from one of the featured packages…..we have configured a wide range of flexible listing accounts to fit every requirements:

  • The multiple listing packages are designed for professional digital media buyers/SEO Ninjas/marketing executives/ Web Design Freelancers looking for reseller type set-ups for multiple clients or perhaps multiple locations – but of course anyone can buy these!
  • The per listing packages offers options for individual entities/services/topics/businesses – the higher the price – the better the spec – you geddit!
  • As is part of our co-operative remit our Members have access to unlimited FREE listings [non duplicated] – using the FREE Multiple Listings link – it’s kinda basic, but nonetheless, extremely useful.
  • Since 1999 [yeah, you heard right] we have worked with 4.5 million businesses and services all over the globe – but recently re-launched with an entirely clean slate
  • All Members [including the 3 million existing Members] will have to re-add their listings, yeah I know grrrrrr!! That said – when you see the goodies we have for your use – trust me, you wont mind so much!
  • Sorry folks – we generally don’t accept backlinks – we want to offer our visitors a catalogue which is focussed on presenting goods/services/organisations directly to source and not blogs [there are many great web directories better suited to blogging]

We hope there is something for everyone and per our Mutual Community objectives we are here to help our members – and therefore keen to work with anyone, from anywhere about any subject matter – to provide a high class representation of your web site/business/service [ to be useful for the Users of your offer] – hey….it makes our community even more effective! One final thing – when completing your listing – make it really simple for us to just approve your site for publishing –

  • complete the key details correctly
  • no backlink blogs [it’ll waste your valuable time]
  • select, ideally up to three category(s) which you feel are relevant [suggest a key missing category]
  • add an image – relevant to your subject matter [logo/your premises/products/staff etc]
  • add detailed expanatory content [up to 2500 characters is optimal]
  • Insert your map location – since this builds out our Members’ Map [assists in building a local picture and galvanises your marketing]
  • We will add more relevant Categories, if needs be – it’s fun, efficient & developmentally – intuitive.
  • Add Social Media pages such as Facebook/Twitter/Google Plus/ [if you have them] – it helps you to be found.
  • Introduce us to others to help build our community!
Is your listing covered in Multiple locations?
  • Feel free to add one or all your separate locations – it builds a wider, more cogent representation for you and stronger Catalogue position. Your fellow B2B prospecting members & our visitors can zero in on your services with better targeting.
    • Alter your description – as befits the details of each location/USP [all the same words will render the same search results for the User – no good utillity to anyone – never mind your prospecting].
    • Remember, location is a key marketing proposition for local Users [obvious, right?] and thus a staple component for casual and/or passing convenience trade and a valuable patronage asset.

Have Fun

The Woolfman

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